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Stimați pasageri,

Aeroportul ”Ștefan cel Mare – Suceava” se află în lucrări de modernizare.

Ne cerem scuze pentru disconfortul creat.

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Tourist attractiveness of the area (especially the monasteries of Bucovina, 7 of the 14 monasteries belonging to the UNESCO patrimony) can ensure a high flow of foreign tourists which may be embarked / disembarked directly through the "Stefan cel Mare" airport in Suceava.

manastiricetatea de scaun

The high rate of Romanian emigration from Suceava and Botosani counties and complementarily, the large number of VFR tourists (Visiting-Friends-and-Relatives) can help ensure a constant flow of passengers at the airport level.

  • Easy Road access (car, bus, common transport) to the airport.
  • The Airport benefits from a new infrastructure dedicated to both passengers

( processing capacity of 200 passengers/ hour through three check-in counters, with the possibility of upgrades) and air operators (movement area expanded lighting system CAT.II with ILS navigation system etc.)

  • High quality standards in providing services at the airport.