We are looking to increase passenger traffic and the number of airline companies, by building and consolidating partnerships with them.

Suceava International Airport is the first Romanian airport that accessed European funds for modernisation. The airport has signed a financing contract for €39 million.

The rehabilitation programme has finished and the airport’s infrastructure is modernised. On 25 October the first flights operated from the new airport.

The geographical location places Suceava Airport in the heart of northern historical Moldavia by making it The Gateway to Bukovina.

The one which was once a province of the Austrian Empire, Bukovina, kept its traditions and uniqueness away from the nowadays growing modernization.


The airport is located in the north-eastern part of Romania, 12 kilometres away from Suceava city centre, in Salcea town. It has excellent public transport access and close connections to Suceava and Botosani cities.

Suceava “Ștefan cel Mare" Airport  (IATA: SCV, ICAO: LRSV) is located in the northeastern part of Romania, in Salcea town, at 12 km East from Suceava City and 30,5 km from Botosani City.

The access it`s possible through a 3 km long road which connects the two cities to the airports facilities. ARP coordinates and site are at AD 474115N 0262114E.



  • New runway – flexible structure - measuring 2460 m length and 45 m width with verges of 2x7,5 m and Pavement Classification Number of 110 0/F/C/W/T
  • Runway Modernized taxiways – flexible structure - („Alfa” and „Bravo”): 23 m width, 120 length, verges of 7,5 m and strength: 110/F/C/W/T
  • The apron – rigid structure - has the following dimensions: 275.5 m length and 113.5 m width, with concrete surface and strength of 73 R/A/W/T.
  • Modernized lighting system – CAT II
  • The aircraft parking consists of four stands for aircraft with a wingspan of 29 metres and two stands for aircraft with a wingspan of 36 metres.

turn aeroNEW CONTROL TOWER  - measuring a height of 21,25 m and a surface of 629,80 square metres.

MODERNIZED TERMINAL BUILDING - interior and exterior building modernization


The operating hours are the following: from Monday to Sunday – 05:00-23:00.
Slot coordinated: no slot constraints;
3 check-in desks with a capacity up to 200 passengers per hour


  • 1 towed passenger stair
  • 1 self-propelled telescopic passenger stair;
  • de-icing service vehicles – 2 pieces;
  • hauling machines for handling equipment– 1 piece;
  • baggage carts – 7 pieces;
  • self-propelled conveyor belt loader – 1 piece;
  • ground power unit - GPU115V/400Hz & 28.5V - 3 pieces;
  • air starter unit – 1 piece;
  • self-propelled potable water vehicle – 1 piece;
  • self-propelled lavatory service vehicle – 1 piece;
  • aircraft heater – 1 piece

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  • de-icing/ anti-icing vehicles with type II liquid – 3 pieces;
  • firefighting special vehicles providing CAT 7 services in preventing and extinguishing fires – 2 pieces;
  • equipment for checking the breaking ratio of the traffic surface – 1 piece;
  • ambulance – 1 piece;
  • FOLLOW-ME motor vehicle – 1 piece;
  • snow plough with brush and sweeper blower – 1 piece;
  • tractor with plough and brush – 1 piece;
  • snow blowers – 3 pieces.

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Suceava is known to be "The Gateway to Bucovina" because of the strategic location in the north-east part of the country, in an area with a great tourism potential, that can attract both romanian and foreign tourists.

OUR AIM : „The Gateway to Bucovina”

WE PROMOTE: Regional development through:

  • Initiation of patrimonial structures;
  • Socio-economical development of the region;
  • Initiatives regarding the improvement of airport infrastructure;
  • Stimulation of regional investments and tourism promovation;
  • Stimulation of business development in the region.

The development of the airport infrastructure of R.A. Airport “Ştefan cel Mare” Suceava represents the key element so the airport can benefit of the oportunities offered by :its geographical position, the presence of an important amount of people that work abroad, the area’s important touristic potential and the future economical development of the region.

Also we need to mention that the growth of airport activity through scheduled and charter flights would help the development of the region.

The region’s touristic potential is important and insufficiently exploited at present, also because of the lack of an airport in the region that can serve companies with aircraft of over 100 seats.

The airport’s potential to develop more than the other nearby airports depends on the coherent commercial strategy regarding the efforts made for its development and the traffic situation in the region.


  • The Sânziene Fair is held in Suceava during 22-24 June 2014, within the festivities held for Suceava Days;
  • The Trout National Festival held at Ciocăneşti;
  • Medieval Art Festival held in August at the Suceava Fortress;
  • Christmas in Bucovina held annually in December at Suceava;
  • Easter in Bucovina (The Local Artisans Fair, The Road of Painted Eggs, National Festival of Painted Eggs, bringing the Holy Fire from Jerusalem etc.);
  • Pilgrim in Bucovina is held annually on the 15th of August at Cacica and Putna; Pilgrims from Romania and pilgrims from Poland, Germany, France, Hungary, Austria and
  • Italy are also present in Cacica and Putna.
  • Snow Festival is held in February near the slope of Vatra Dornei and it attracts thousands of tourists annually from home and abroad.