• RANGE 100 KM
  • Over 2.5 million people
  • 2 Countries - ROMANIA & UKRAINE
  • Suceava County POPULATION: 634.000
  • Botosani County POPULATION: 403.000
  • Distance to Airport – 42 km
  • Chernivtsi POPULATION: 906.000
  • Distance to Airport 83 km

In 2014 there were registered 115000 people (not including Chernivtsi county) working in western Europe.

In Suceava county are registered 49000 people, in Neamt county 52000 people and in Botoșani county 13000 people.

In 2015 these numbers may have doubled or even tripled, suggesting that there is a great need for air transport, facilitating the needs of the local population who are working abroad.

The potential passengers from the catchment area within the Romanian territory can be included in the following three categories:

  • Firstly, there are the persons involved in the international circular migration flow. These people are generally characterised as people that decide to migrate in order to seek a better job, to increase the living standard of their families in Romania.
  • Secondly, we can see a tendency towards family reunions outside the borders of Romania, in the emigration country. Therefore, this situation determined the occurrence of the VFR type of tourists (Visiting-Friends-and-Relatives).
  • Thirdly, the business environment is another important factor in the catchment area of the airport. The business traveller tends to target the major international hubs that allows him to transit easily to further destinations. Suceava County features around 12,700 companies, while Botosani County has close to 4,800 businesses (according to the Trade Registry).


According to the interview conducted on the regional population by the airport, around 94% of the respondents expressed their intention to travel by aircraft for the purpose of travelling abroad or internally in the next 12 months. Analysis of the interview’s results reveals that the most preferred destinations for flying abroad are London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Milan and Vienna.

The degree of notoriety of the Suceava Airport (93.29%), doubled with the intent to use the services provided in this airport (87.25%), contribute to creating a favorable context of introducing international regular flights.

  • Suceava Airport’s route development and marketing team is fully dedicated to the development of your airline business, marketing plans and promotion of your products:
  • We offer a variety of support to welcome and promote new routes, such as: press releases and announcements; flight opening press conferences; activities related with an inaugural flight; press trip in cooperation with tourist boards; and workshops with travel agencies.
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